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14925276_10154625163887207_6393968635023188347_nThoughts from Rev. Dr. LaVerne C. Hall, Executive Director . . . . . . .
On Monday, May 2, 1994,1994, the City of Gloster, Mississippi, welcomed Dr. James W. Washington, Jr home with a celebration, teemed Coming Home…A Celebration. The Celebration took place at the National Guard Armory in gloster, Mississippi. The invitation was extended to the city residents by the Honorable David Green, State Representative, the Honorable Benoyd H. Bell, Sr., Mayor, town of Gloster, Aldermen of the Town of Gloster, and Committee and Citizens of Gloster. Dr. Washington was then 85 years young.
As we prepare and plan for Dr. Washington’s 110th Birthday Anniversary Celebration, November 9, 2019, I share here, the 1994 article by S. S. Laramore as to why Dr. Washington was welcomed and Celebrated in Gloster, Mississippi on his 85th birthday, which is in part, why we will celebrate Dr. Washington, Saturday, November 9, 2019.

Philosopher Par Excellence, Artist Extraordinaire, Gentleman of the First Order
All of the above describes the “gentleman of the world” who was born in Gloster, Mississippi, U.S.A, in [1911], and who has become an artist recognized all over the USA and in many other countries across the world, as indicated by his inclusion in many who’s who records including the Who’s Who of the World. Is it really possible for an artist to breathe life into stone? It seems that way when one listens to Mr. Washington, hears his philosophy, and sees the products of his hands, which spring from his philosophy of heart, and head toward concepts of the universal spirit of all humankind.

This poet-artist-philosopher along with his helpmate of more than fifty years, Mrs. Janie R. Miller Washington, and through many life-careers always kept his goals in sight of uncovering universal truths. Today, his symbolic and figurative works on paper, in stone, and in the written word have been shown since 1946 and are in such outstanding museums, archives, and libraries as: The Marshall Field Gallery of Chicago; The Seattle Art Museum; The Henry Art Gallery of the University of Washington; The Oakland Museum in California; the Grosvenor Gallery in London; The FosterWhite Gallery of Seattle; Expo ‘70 in Osaka, Japan, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama; The Frye Art Museum of Seattle; “Protopia ‘81″ in Kobe, Japan; The Squibb Gallery in New Jersey; the State Capitol Museum in Washington; and the Smithsonian Archives in Washington, D.C. Recognitions and honors given to this artist are too numerous to mention.

The first opportunity to recognize and honor Dr. and Mrs. Washington in Mississippi is with Dr. James W. Washington, Jr. Day in Gloster – “coming home…a celebration” in the village and region of his birth. Insight into the life works of this great native son will surely enrich all who participate. This will fit in with the artist’s life goals of realization – self and mankind. To him the matter of attaining a peaceable personal community life for everybody is at the fingertips – his and everybody’s. The celebration in Gloster he sees, and all should see, as one good step toward discovery and unity of spirit.


Washington Foundation Loves our Volunteers


ccrChristina Carlyle Reed is a multi-disciplinary artist whose conceptual work explores social, political and cultural issues. Grounded in historical research and through her own background of social justice engagement, Reed draws source material from American history, the media, documentary photography and her own photographs to address issues of race and oppression. Reed is the recipient of the Larry Sommers Fellowship and Seattle Print Arts at Pratt Fine Arts Center Print Scholarship.
Christina is volunteering her time and talent to the review and cataloging of more than 1000 of Dr. Washington’s slides


at1-click6Charles Parrish Part time staff and permanent artist-in-residence at the Washington Foundation quarters

Shown here with his sculpture of Dr. James W. Washington Jr.



pfaPratt Fine Arts Center is friends with The Washington Foundation .

Friends create a Brighter Future for ALL!
Pratt Fine Arts Center will do the restoration on the Fountain of Triumph

images4R6PDWPO Pratt was an American activist during the Civil Rights Movement. At the time of his assassination in Seattle in 1969, he was Executive Director of the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle.




imagesU6SMZ64JThe Washington Foundation is ready for ONE Carousel of an adventure. We invite you to ride with us and to invite your friends to join us. We envision everyday as a day to celebrate what James and Janie entrusted to us to care for, to share, and to grow and we want you to be a part of the celebration.

My 2019 Director’s theme is simply ONE. The goal is outreach to ONE Million with response from ONE Million: dollars, friends, in-kind, and etc. We will begin by asking each of our friends to contribute $1.00 and to invite your circle of friends to contribute $1.00 each. This may seem ambitious; but we believe it is achievable. We are ready to give it a try.

How will we use ONE Million Dollars? The Washington house was 100 years old August 2018 and there is lots of work that needs to be done: Interior and exterior improvements, upgrading, restoration, including the detached studio and storage shed, restoration of the Fountain of Triumph, and the landscaping and greenhouse.
Thanks so very much to those who have already jumped on board the Carousel . . . Help us fill the page before November 2019.

Special Thanks for contributing to ONE

Dorothy G. ! !! ! Miriam G. ! !! ! Robert B. ! !! ! Tom B.

Join the Carousel of ONEs. . . to let us add your name . . . Rev. Dr. LaVerne C. Hall, Exec, Dir.; Mrs. Elma Horton, Board Chair; Jessie Attri ! Gloria & Edwin Morris; Paris Williams ! Jim Yearby; Rosemary Young ! Glen Youngblood; Mr. Anon; Thomas F. Bangasser, Pastor Robert Britten, Patricia & Jerome Butler; Victor & Victoria Butler; Nancy Chang; Brenda Charles Edwards; Minnie Collins; Marjorie Cottoms; Cutie Kitten; Pastor Micah Daniel; Esther Ervin & Al Doggett; Lindsey Engh; Zane Fitch & Sharon Rose Fitch; Winston Fitch & Victor Fitch; George & Christine Foster; Kieran & Paige Foster; LaWayne Charles Foster; Dorothy Gourdine, Miriam Gourdine, Erica Hale; Sadiqua Iman; Yvonne Jenkins; Carmen Jones; Outlaw Kandyce; Rev. Dr. Victor C. Langford III; Harold Lincoln; Gail Marino; Tamika Moseley; Maura Salamah O’Brien; Guy Punt; Merlin Rainwater; Annie Riggins; Sara Semitic; Rev. Dr. Linda Smith; Robert Stevens; Lana Sunberg; Callie Vallall; Linda Watson; Annie Williams; Clara Williams; Freddie Williams; Gracie Williams; Lamar Williams; Gazelle Williams; Lee Wright; Virginia Wyman.


The Washington Foundation Board continues to welcome the Friendships of The Wing Luke Museum and Beacon Hill Hub. We as well extend our Friendship to them. We believe that Friends Create a Brighter Future for All. Within Friendships are unique and beautiful stories that must be shared



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