The James W. Washington, Jr. and Janie Rogella Washington Foundation was established in 1997 as a nonprofit organization to preserve the art, writing, and lifetime works of Dr. James W. Washington, Jr. and to share his vision through the preservation, interpretation, and showing of his artwork, studio, family garden, and home. James W. Washington, Jr. (1911-2000), an American artist of African American heritage, is acknowledged as one of the most original sculptors of the twentieth century. The Foundation honors James W. Washington, Jr.’s memory and preserves and perpetuates his personal artistic legacy by supporting educational programs, special projects, exhibitions, critical scholarship, and community work that deepen appreciation of and access to the beliefs that guided his extraordinary art and life.

The Foundation seeks to recognize the dream of Dr. Washington to encourage the professional and personal development of young peoples’ creative potential by supporting school and community-based arts programs that nurture the creativity of children and youth as well as the professional development of emerging artists and African American scholars

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