From March/April Newsletter

Volume 2 P PP P Issue No. 2 P PP P March/April 2019

Thoughts from Rev. Dr. LaVerne C. Hall, Executive Director . . This month, the Washington Foundation recognizes and expressly thanks James and Janie Washington for their hindsight, insight, and foresight in establishing in 1997, the Dr. James W. Washington Jr & Mrs. Janie Rogella Washington Foundation. The express purpose of their creativity and thoughtfulness is extracted in part from their Last Will and Testament and delineated here:

The mandated purpose is To preserve the art, writing, and lifetime works of Dr. James W. Washington Jr. and share their vision through the preservation, interpretation and showing of his works and studio, and the family’s gardens and home. Also, to encourage others by providing a setting where they can grow beyond the book, spiritually and artistically and to share their talents with a larger audience. It is to be a site where community and creativity come together and support each other.
The Board is charged in part, with the responsibility of being ever mindful of and inclusive of these (their) Imperatives in what was entrusted to them by James and Janie; the caring for of their life and legacy.

  1. We leave you a thirst for education and scholarship
  2. We leave you a mandate to encourage others to explore their creativity
  3. We leave you an obligation to engage young people in activities that will inspire and influence them to use their creativity in positive and productive ways.
  4. We leave you a commitment for documentation, critical analysis, and preservation.
  5. We leave you a responsibility to collaborate with other community and church organizations.
  6. We leave you a respect for cultural and ethnic diversity, especially for outreach and inclusion.
  7. We leave you a faith in church and family.
  8. We leave you confidence in leadership and concern for the business of this Foundation.
  9. We leave you the authority to maintain the Dr. James W. Washington, Jr. and Janie Rogella Washington Foundation and the African American Museum & Cultural Center.

Thank you James & Janie . . . . We Love you!

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