Back Porch Talk Series Conversations with Women * by Women * for Women with . . Rev. Tiji Murphy

Image result for tiji murphyYou are invited to greet, meet, discuss with Rev. Tiji, her book

“There is No Hurt Like Church Hurt”


3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


1816 26th Ave  – Seattle Washington

Desserts – Drinks (non alcoholic) – Gifts

This gathering is complimentary

Please RSVP   *

Rev Tiji Murphy’s book will be available for purchase and autograph

Tiji Murphy is a licensed ordained minister.  She is a graduate of Morgan State University, Coppin State University and Howard University School of Divinity.  She is a former Military Chaplain and has also served in full-time Church Ministry.  She currently serves as a Chaplain and a Certified Thanatologist working with HIV/AIDs patients, end of life patients and patients with life threatening diseases.


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